Lotus Motor Club

Inter-Company Karting Challenge

Sunday 4th September 2016


We advise every team member to read A_guide_to_Club100_(corp).pdf, especially if you haven't driven two-stroke direct-drive karts before.

If you wish to test the karts prior to the event, please see the CLUB100 website.

The Karts

Chassis: Birel N35
Engine: TKM BT82 115cc 'Extreme' 2-stroke
Carburettor: Tillotson HL334b
Transmission: Direct-drive chain (no clutch)
Brake System: Freeline auto R hydraulic
Tyres: Vega RH8 Slicks
Power: 18hp @ 15,000rpm (max)

They are direct-drive, which means they do not have a clutch. They will stall when you stop and will require bump starting (don't worry, you'll be shown how to do this). If you stop on track, a Club100 kart will push-start you.